Our main focus has been CD and DVD replication/industrial pressing. 

What is industrial pressing of discs? 
CDs and DVDs can be made using replication or duplication method. Replication/industrial pressing of discs is the best way for production, discs are made of scratch using glass-masters. Alternative is to duplicate the discs when the data will be burned to pre-made CD-R/DVD-R blanks. Replicated discs have higher quality and lifespan. But the price for small quantities is higher. 

How does it works?
The first step is to make a stamper using glass-mastering method. We don't do this in-house, we are using parners from Europe, who are spezialised to this. Stamper quality is one of the biggest factors of CD/DVD sound quality, our chosen partners are one of the best in Europe. 
The next step is the CD/DVD replication. Discs are made of special plastic granules, that will be heated in high temperatures and will be pressed using stamper to CD/DVD-shape discs. Machines, that replicate CDs and DVDs are different, discs thickness is different. These replicated transparent discs made of plastic will already have your information (music, film or some other data) - this has been pressed inside of it. This is what makes the replicated discs more durable to UV-light and small scratches. The next step is to cover the discs with thin layer of aluminium or silver and special laquer. 
Third step is a CD/DVD labelprinting - this will give your CD a unique look! We can print with offset or silkscreen using Pantone colors. And then the CD/DVDs go to packing. 

What options we have for packing? 
For CDs the most common options are jewelcases (plastic box) or digipacks (carton package). Both of them have lot of may different options. You can check them HERE. 
For DVDs the most common options are plastic DVD boxes (8mm or 16mm) or digipacks. DVD boxes have 2 color options - clear or black. Digipacks have larger variations. Check more information HERE. 
We are also willing to do many different specialized packages - carton boxes, books, different shapes of digipacks. 
Our goal is to be flexible and make your ideas come alive. 

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