Printings for CD and DVD packages: 
- Folded and stapled booklets 
- Perforated inlays for CD jewelcases 
- Inlays for DVD-boxes
- Different carton packages (digipacks, digisleeves, digifiles, envelopes etc; different sizes and shapes - look more HERE)

For standard products we use 260g Coated surface paper for carton packages and 150g Silk paber for booklets, inlays.
We also have alternative options - we can use thinner/thicker paper or uncoated surface paper. Recycled or colored paper is also available. 

Ask samples of the papers - we will send you a small packages for finished products! 

More options: 
Järeltöötluse võimalused:
- glossy or matte laminate (used in standard products) 
- glossy UV spot laquer (allows you to highlight details in your design, usually a logo, title, etc. We recommend using with a matte laminate to make the difference even bigger)
- Foil print (various metallic colors; usually used to highlight a title or detail)
- Print with pantone colors (allows you to use metallic colors on a larger area than just the title; suitable option if you want single-color printing on a large area; can also be combined with regular offset printing)

Other services we provide: 
- Posters
- Business card
- Greeting cards, invitations etc.
- Packages made of carton 
- Magazines 

Ask more HERE