Minimum quantity is 200pcs.
The get a reasonable price, we suggest to order at least 500 copies. For small quantities we also offer DVD duplication.

1. We make an agreement of prices and delivery times, we will confirm your order
2. You will send your materials (film - digital master or physical DVD) and design files in .pdf  
3. We check your files, will send printproofs for you designs.
4. Glass-mastering to make a stamper
5. Will start production of DVDs and printings
6. Products will be packed according to your order
7. We will send the DVDs to you

  • Standard products production time is usually between 14-21 days + delivery (Finland 2-3 days, Sweden 3-4 days - ask about other countries)
  • Special orders delivery time will be agreed when you send your materials
  • We can do "express-orders" too, please ask about the available options!

Disc size:
- DVD5 - 4,7GB
- DVD9 - 8,5GB
- DVD10 - 9,4GB 

Accepted file formats:
- Digital DVD master: DDP Image, .iso
- Designfiles: .pdf, at least 300DPI resolution, color space CMYK or Pantone

We only make standard size CD and DVD discs.