CD/DVD album price will depend mostly on the quantity and chosen package type. To give you the most accurate price, please think through these things: 
1. Quantity - Send us the quantity range that you need. The minimum quantity is 50pcs for CDs and 200pcs for DVDs
2. Package type -  Do you prefer a digipack or a jewelcase? Or maybe something more special?
3. Booklet - Do you also want a booklet to be included? If so, how many pages could it be?

4. Paper type -  What kind of paper do you want to be used in the package? As a standard solution, we offer coated paper (260g cardboard + matte / glossy laminate (for digipacks) and 150g paper (for booklet, inlays). Uncoated surface papers and thinner / thicker alternatives are also available.
5. Special requests - Please list all your special requests - for example: UV spot laquer, foil printing, printing with Pantone colors, black or white (digi)tray, etc.
6. Delivery - When do you need your albums to be ready? 

Email again: