CD/DVD/BluRay media replication with several different packing solutions.

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Data capacity on CD/DVD discs:

- CD 0,7GB
- DVD5 4,7GB
- DVD9 8,5GB
- DVD10 9,4GB

Requirements for CD ja DVD masters:

- All masters what are sent to factory in physical form will be copied to final disc as one-to-one
- Suitable formats are following: DVD-VIDEO, DVD-AUDIO, DVD-ROM , CD-AUDIO, CD-VIDEO, CD-EXTRA, CD-ROM

Requirements for images what are transfered through FTP:

- DVD-5, DVD-9 ja DVD-10 image-fails has to be uploaded in DDP format
- Both layers for DVD-9/10 has to be uploaded as separated (in different folders)
- Audio CD, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM has to be uploaded as DDP or NRG image
- Uploaded image fails should be zipped before uplaoding (rar, zip)
- For uploading images it's reccomended to use FTP client-type of programs programs what are able to continue uploading when uploading is temporary canceled (Core FTP or similar)

Suitable file formats disc labels:
- .pdf printfile

Suitable file formats covers:
- .pdf printfile

Materials should be uploaded to our ftp server – details will be given when the order is already in process. It’s also possible to send physical materials on master disc.

Order process

  1. There will be agreed in delivery and price terms and order confirmation will be prepared
  2. All materials will arrive to our factory in Estonia
  3. Master and artwork files will be checked for technical issues
  4. In next step there will be produced stampers, discs and takes place label printing
  5. Covers will be made by our partners
  6. Discs will be packed as agreed
  7. Ready products will be delivered

Delivery times

- Production time for basic products is up to 7 working days
- Production time for special products will be agreed when order is formalized
- For export orders there will be added extra delivery time up to 4 days
- There possible to make sc “fast orders” what will be agreed when order is formalized

Other information

- All templates what are downloaded from our website or somewhere else – must be agreed with our sales department before confirming the order
- After customer will sign and confirm the order confirmation – all costs caused of changes after that should be covered by customer